Can You Introduce Me to Your Conference Meeting Planner?

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Can you help open the door for me?

Can you introduce me to the right decision maker?

The world is better when leaders and communicators in corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies communicate more effectively in a crisis. Rapid communications saves lives and protects revenues and reputations.

If you belong to a professional organization whose members could benefit from a presentation about effective communications with the media, employees, and key stakeholders, would you please be so kind as to introduce me to any decision makers or meeting planners you know?

Here is an example of what you might include in the e-mail:

At our next conference, I think the audience would benefit by having a program about effective communications with the media, employees and other key stakeholders during a crisis. At a previous event I saw a presentation by Gerard Braud. I think he would be a good fit. I’ve cc’d Gerard on this e-mail so the two of you can talk to determine if this is a good match. You can learn more about his programs at  You can also see a short video of his presentation style.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.