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Spring 2005 issue:

The Old Tire Swing by Lee Prosser
Trip of a Lifetime by Hal Zina Bennett
Everglades by David Orr
The Ties That Bind by Alice Spencer
Affirmative Prayer by F. W. Chris Anderson
The Peak by Dorothy May
Big Thunder by Ric Giardina
Any Landing You Can Walk Away From by Bob Mason
The Car Accident by C. Schaefer Manette
A Journey to Make-Believe Land by Miriam Strauss
Jazzy by Lee Prosser
Fear in Cat's Canyon by Ric Giardina
Vive La Paix by Andrew Kloak
Humbled Hearts by C. Schaefer Manette
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The Old Tire Swing

© Lee Prosser

Walking down the acreage past the trees,
I came to the ancient cherry tree
where memories sweet and kind came
forth to greet me in happy smiles.
I go back in time for what else is the mind
good for than as its own time machine at
its very finest in recreating precious time scenes
and there I am in the past
where I am seeing my daughter in her yellow Big Bird
coat and I am there beside her gently pushing her upwards
on that marvelous old tire swing.

It is just the two of us, laughing and being happy together
as daughter and father, each having fun with the moment!
If only life were so sweet and simple and not complex,
that the simple joy of a swing on a tire swing could protect
from future sorrows and times of unhappiness.
But that memory is always there for daughter and father
who one day braved the odds and against all odds
became a loving part of nature and peace swinging
on the old tire swing under the ancient cherry tree.

To recall the good removes the stings of life, if only in a
time-traveling dream of the mind back to that innocent
moment riding in the old tire swing. I remember, too, saying,
Mandy, are you high enough and she telling me Daddy this is fun
don't stop stay and push me higher please.
And I did.
And I still do, in my memory,
with love.

Illustration by F. W. Anderson